About Us

We have owned Chaineys since 1985.  We bought the store from the original Chaineys Group which was originally based in Wanganui and Levin.

Chaineys would make their own bikes from raw materials – this was how the business began and of course how it got it’s name.  In this heyday Chaineys had 10 stores around the area – sadly ours is the only one to have survived.

It became apparent that selling bikes alone was not enough so mowers and appliances became the products that all the stores sold.

Our Levin store has been here for over 80 years and in the 30+ years that we have owned it the changes have been large.  We’ve gone from wringer washing machines to new plasma TVs and the birth of the digital age.

We are now the only locally owned and operated Appliance store in Levin.  And with our buying group – 100% appliances we supply a broad range of Appliances, Furniture, Mowers, Bikes and Baby products.

We’ve kept the good parts of our past though – you’ll still get good old fashioned service and that personal touch from Chaineys Levin.


Our Local Store